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Anypoint platform

The Mulesoft Anypoint platform enables you to connect almost anything, in the cloud or on premise. Mulesoft offers several out of the box connectors that enable you to connect existing backend systems 3 times faster than using a point to point architecture. Whether you want to connect to AS/400, Salesforce, Microsoft .NET products, IoT devices or any other system, the Anypoint platform is the right match for your business.

Mulesoft covers the whole development cycle from design (using Anypoint Studio) to API governance. By using a hybrid architecture you can deploy your mule applications either on premise, in the cloud or both.

With the Anypoint platform and an API led connectivity approach, you have a very solid architecture that allows you to reuse existing functionality and connectivity. Mulesoft's Anypoint platform can be used in any development environment regardless of the technology stack.

Mulesoft is independent of any programming language, whether you are using .NET,Java or any other programming language. Mule supports all the standard protocols such as: http, https, jms, tcp, ftp, file, jdbc, ... and many others.

It doesn't matter if you are using a legacy system or state of the art technology, the Anypoint platform can expose all your data using API's.

Dots&Arrows is an official Mulesoft partner and reseller of Mulesoft licenses. We deliver our professional services throughout the Benelux (consultancy) and we can deliver support and training globally.

All of our consultants are certified Mule developers. We can guide you in implementing, designing an architecture and reviewing any installation of Mulesoft. On top of that we have our own certified trainers who can provide you and your co-workers with official training on site. We have all the expertise needed to help you with your Mulesoft adventure.

Api Management - Apigee

Apigee offers the Apigee edge platform which enables you to setup and govern an API Management layer. Apigee will be used as the API Gateway between the outbound traffic and the internal API's used within your company. So whenever you are exposing internal data through API's to the outside world, your company will benefit from an API Gateway. Apigee is also known as a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant and is a very mature platform that offers a lot of functionality out of the box. In combination with an integration layer (or ESB) such as Mulesoft, your architecture is bullet proof for the future.

The benefits of Apigee for your organisation:

  • better handling of security
  • Setup of SLA's
  • Monetization
  • Data Analysis
  • Decouple the external data from your internal data model
  • Data translation
  • ...

Very recently Apigee was acquired by Google.

Dots&Arrows is an official Apigee partner and reseller. We have trained experts that can help you with your architecture, design, implementation and maintenance of any API (driven) environment.

Whether you are looking for expertise and/or consulting for the APIGEE Edge platform or if want to perform an audit on your current architecture Dots&Arrows offers you a set of flexible services that will guide you and be matched to your needs.

With the Apigee Edge platform you can design, analyse and scale your API's like never before on a very user-friendly platform

Both Mulesoft and Apigee are marked as leaders in the Gartner Magic Quadrants.


In addition to our services we can also offer additional support on top of Mulesoft's or Apigee's existing support.

Are you the one we're looking for?

Dots&Arrows is a newly founded company that is expanding pretty fast. Therefore we are looking for an experienced integration architect who can help us grow even more in the next coming years.

  • A key / lead person in our Integration Team.
  • Someone who is able to coach and lead other team members.
  • Someone who is passionate about integration and opensource technologies.
  • Someone who is willing to give workshops / pre-sales.
  • Integration experience with MuleSoft or other products including, IBM, BEA, Oracle, Tibco, Progress Sonic, etc.
  • Experience with Tomcat, XML, JMS, WS-*, SOA/Integration, XSLT and API
  • Management technologies and standards.
  • Experience using a JAVA IDE (Eclipse, Intelli J, Netbeans).
  • Traveling might be an option.

We offer you a competitive wage, depending on your experience, with lots of non-statutory benefits like a company car, fuel card, group- and health insurance, … but it doesn’t stop there! We guarantee that you will become an even more experienced and well-educated professional because we offer you the desired training to get the most out of your booming career!

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